AATA’s Astraeus Energy Division provides fast‐track, time and mission critical environmental and social program management support services for wind, hydro, tidal, solar, biomass, geothermal, hydrogen, uranium and other renewable and advanced energy projects throughout the USA and worldwide.  AATA provides multidisciplinary expertise for all types of ecosystems, from the Great Plains to the Desert Southwest, from the Piedmont to the Offshore Oceans, and all around the world, currently in 47 countries. AATA and its global team provide detailed expertise in the nearshore and offshore ocean environments to cover all regulatory permitting requirements, physical, chemical, biological, and social aspects of renewable energy development, including offshore installations for wind, tidal, and deep ocean pumping projects.

The Astraeus Energy Division knows that Corporate Social Responsibility and community engagement are keystones of success in any modern renewable energy project.  AATA has been at the forefront of modern stakeholder / community engagement and development, with extensive experience in Stakeholder Mapping, Public Consultation and Outreach, Resettlement Action Planning, Community Development, Indigenous Peoples Planning, biodiversity offset portfolio development, and sustainability program planning in general.