Chemical - 

Air Quality - AATA provides comprehensive air quality monitoring and modeling capabilities through our extensive network of global associates, and with some of the world's most advanced monitoring systems, including such unique equipment as solar powered high volume samplers for PM2.5, PM10 and Total Particulate Matter (TPM).

Water Quality - AATA (formerly Advanced Aquatic Technology Associates, Inc.) maintains broad and deep capabilities in the measurement, modeling, and management of water quality for all types of industrial projects.  NPDES permitting is a forte of the firm, along with identification and protection of key surface and groundwater resources worldwide.  AATA has maintained full capabilities in the realm of water quality, including monitoring, modeling, ecotoxicology, and permitting.  

Mr. John Aronson, President, is author of "Watershed Management in Russia and the Former Soviet Union" IN Reimold, Robert. 1998. Watershed Management. McGraw Hill.

Geochemistry/soil chemistry - Baseline soil and geochemical studies are often engaged as a basis for understanding past, present, and future conditions at project sites around the world.

Chemical Pollution - AATA offers broad capabilities in detecting, measuring, managing, controlling, and abating chemical inorganic and organic chemical pollutants.  Advanced geochemical management programs are designed and engaged to understand, avoid, eliminate, mitigate, and manage discharges from mines and other industrial projects.