AATA International, Inc. is a professional environmental and social consultancy specializing in management, permitting, and technical services for natural resource development projects worldwide. Clients include mining, oil and gas, utility, and other industrial companies of all sizes including Fortune 500; global financial institutions; local, state, and federal government agencies, engineering companies and EPC contractors; as well as other entities in the USA and around the world.

The mission at AATA is to provide the best in comprehensive, multidisciplinary social and environmental management, permitting, and technical services to clients worldwide, with speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness, using a seamless network of exceptional global associates.


Our Niche

One of the secrets to AATA’s success in the environmental management and permitting field is the importance we place on local involvement. Most of our projects involve a cadre of local specialists that provide financial, technical, political, and socio-cultural benefits to our clients as they strive to become part of an ever increasing privatization of global business. Our formula for success is to integrate local environmental expertise into an overall environmental management program, resulting in timely and cost-effective environmental permitting and management for our clients. AATA has established a highly qualified network of over 600 worldwide environmental consultants and specialists in over 45 foreign countries. 


Areas of Expertise

Disciplines of the firm include geology, hydrology, soils science, limnology, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, natural resource management, environmental engineering, computer sciences and modeling, environmental monitoring, chemistry, ecotoxicology, statistics, water quality, meteorology and air quality, socioeconomics, archaeology, impact and risk assessment, and many more. The AATA network of professional associates covers virtually every important environmental discipline.