The Physical Environment -

The physical attributes of the global environment involve geology, soils, geomorphology, hydrology, meteorology, and many other important factors such as the built environment which form the overall structure of the physical world.  Weather and climate, water movement, tides, currents, wind speed and direction, river stage, and erosional conditions all are important physical aspects of the environment.  AATA focuses its attention on all important physical, chemical, biological, social, and regulatory aspects of its projects with measurement, modeling, analysis, predictive impact and risk assessment, and environmental engineering evaluations and solutions.

Geology and Soils, Geomorphology, & Topography - Detailed geological assessments

Climate and Weather - Meteorological monitoring and modeling, wind, precipitation, temperature, solar radiation

Hydrology - Monitoring and modeling, assessment of impacts to hydrological regimes

Oceanography - Tides and currents, waves, bathymetry, transport dynamics, coastal erosion

The Built Environment - Structures, river training, buildings, roads, bridges, transmission lines, pipelines, barriers