The AATA Senior Technical Advisory Resource (STAR) Group is comprised of some of the world’s top experts representing key technical areas in social, environmental, engineering, geotechnical, and other key areas of expertise required for development of modern mining projects. The AATA STAR Group is organized to address specific issues that will be important to the Project, in particular: engineering, geotechnical, geochemistry, project siting, transportation, sustainability issues, biodiversity issues, Corporate Social Responsibility, public affairs strategy and planning, “social license to operate” issues, water quality, air quality, terrestrial ecology, aquatic ecology, social and economic matters and other issues for all phases of Project development. 

Timely and cost-effective completion of tasks requires organization and solid management skills. The STAR Group provides important thought leadership in all areas, and provides high level review of all project activities so that all work conforms with high professional standards of quality and performance. This group is on call for senior level consultation, and may be engaged with senior client representatives on-site depending upon the required level of effort.  The AATA STAR Group is targeted for Senior Management to the Boardroom Level, offering deep understanding of environmental and social impacts, risks, and mitigation strategies. 


Mr. W. Wayne Forman

Mr. Wayne Forman has over 46 years of experience in the areas of environmental assessments, due diligence investigations, environmental audits, ecological impact evaluations and environmental regulatory/permitting matters for mining, oil and gas, and chemical processing industries around the world. He also has broad experience in the area of corporate strategic planning, policy development and public affairs as related to environmental issues. 

Mr. Forman has extensive experience in mineral extraction projects worldwide, primarily with Freeport-McMoRan Inc., where he was Director of Corporate Environmental Affairs; and as Vice-President of an international engineering and environmental consulting firm. Mineral projects included oversight and development of environmental impact statements and obtaining permit approvals for a large copper and gold project in Indonesia; gold mines in Nevada; fertilizer/mineral operations from North America to the former Soviet Union; mineral processing operations in Europe, South America and Asia; and oil & gas operations in the U.S.