AATA supports utilities of all types throughout the USA and around the world.  Energy is an essential element of modern society which requires comprehensive environmental and social management, including air quality, water quality, fuel supply, transportation, condenser cooling, and permitting.


AATA provides a broad range of environmental and social services to support utilities throughout the entire USA, and in many foreign countries.  AATA is recognized as a principal provider of environmental monitoring, modeling, permitting, and management for all types of utilities including coal-fired, diesel and oil fired, nuclear, solar, wind, and gas fired utilities.  Specialty services of the firm include air quality monitoring and modeling, NPDES Permitting, (316 a and b, thermal analysis), impingement, entrainment, management of cooling reservoirs, nutrient dynamics and aquatic biomanipulation of reservoir systems, eutrophication monitoring, and modeling.  Water quality and aquatic ecological monitoring and analysis of cooling reservoirs is a specialty of the firm.  

AATA works to improve the efficiency of fuel combustion through its relationship with Thermac, an international coal and diesel fuel catalyst specialist.