Surface Water

AATA provides a wide array of interdisciplinary surface water monitoring, modeling, and management support services to mining, oil and gas, and other natural resource development clients, along with local, county, state, and federal entities, and large-scale land owners and industrial organizations with watershed management challenges. AATA’s approach to integrated watershed management involves a wide range of discipline specialists, from hydrologists and water quality specialists, to fisheries biologists and microbiologists, for encompassing the entire physical, chemical, biological, and socio-cultural spectra involved in this type of work.  The founder of AATA (originally Advanced Aquatic Technology Associates, Inc.), Mr. John G. Aronson, is a recognized limnologist and water quality specialist.   

AATA provides advanced, modern approaches to understanding water throughout the entire hydrologic cycle.  We install, operate, and maintain high-tech digital solid-state meteorological monitoring stations that can be satellite linked to client global sites.  AATA provides full field investigation capabilities using the latest portable field and laboratory equipment.  In many cases, AATA organizes onsite laboratory capabilities to be able to gather key analytical data for degradable parameters.  

AATA is highly experienced in dealing with the Clean Water Act, and the pertinent international standards for water quality protection. AATA has been instrumental in achieving  international standards in remote and challenging environments worldwide.

The Integrated Watershed Management Approach requires careful application of many different scientific disciplines in a framework that can be understood by all stakeholders. This requires strong communication skills. AATA’s Web-based environmental management approach provides an excellent medium to illustrate, educate, and inform watershed stakeholders at all levels.

AATA staff possess professional experience in an extensive variety of watersheds throughout the United States and around the world, from high elevation mountains to sweltering equatorial jungles. In the United States, AATA staff have completed projects in nearly all 50 states over the past 26 years.


AATA provides comprehensive groundwater (geohydrological) support services to municipal, industrial, agricultural, and other water users throughout the United States and worldwide. The AATA Groundwater Action Team provides rapid, cost-effective response for a wide variety of groundwater projects including water supplies, in situ uranium, coalbed methane development, oil and gas projects, mining projects, temporary underground storage, dewatering projects, among others. 

Watershed Management

AATA efficiently conduct comprehensive watershed management by combining the analytical power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with advanced computer models and an expert knowledge of natural systems. In comprehensive watershed management, GIS and water quality models are used to identify and assess the sources, sinks, and filters of water quality contaminants within the watershed. Using GIS for comprehensive watershed management, AATA provides resource managers with the information needed to make fully informed decisions and optimize resource management objectives.